Divorce is never easy. But if you could wave a magic wand and have the best possible outcome, how would that look? Woodruff Family Law Group’s Greensboro divorce lawyers can guide you through today’s complex legal, business tax, financial, and psychological divorce environment. 我们与您合作,根据您的独特情况制定创造性的解决方案.

We can handle the most complex matters when it comes to divorce and premarital agreements, custody and child support, equitable distribution, and property division. 涉及巨额资产(高净值)和高收入的皇冠足彩可能会很复杂. Our team understands the use of experts in the field of business valuation and pension valuation. 我们与高净值客户合作,以实现最佳结果.

Greensboro Divorce Lawyers我们是皇冠足彩网的认证家庭法专家

Carolyn J. 伍德拉夫是北卡罗来纳州律师委员会家庭法认证专家. 她毕业于杜克大学法学院, a Certified Public Accountant, and a Certified Valuation Analyst. Ms Woodruff is joined by attorney Jonathan D. Csuka, a North Carolina State Bar Board Certified Specialist in Family Law and a firm director.

Ms. Woodruff is joined by another North Carolina State Bar Board Certified Family Law Specialists: Jonathan D. Csuka.

我们的业务集中在北卡罗莱纳州的皮埃蒙特三合会地区. 我们的律师会定期处理孩子的监护权和抚养费, equitable distribution, divorce, and other family law matters in Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem, Asheboro, and surrounding areas. 要了解我们服务社区的完整列表, click here.

家庭矛盾导致婚姻破裂, custody disputes, and problems after divorce can be overwhelming. We can help! 今天致电了解更多信息,并与我们的律师之一建立您的初步咨询. You will be okay! Remember that!


Your journey with Woodruff Family Law Group begins with our initial consultation process. We work together to create a plan for your case designed to meet your reasonable and unique objectives.

Concentrating exclusively on family law, the experienced divorce and family lawyers at Woodruff Family Law Group have the knowledge and the compassion to handle any family law case or issue. We know that many people consulting with a family law attorney or a divorce attorney are having a difficult time emotionally, 在处理你的案件时,会考虑哪些因素.

We are well-versed in North Carolina family law, 我们皇冠足彩网的皇冠足彩律师会帮助你理解并确立你的权利. Whether the case is a child custody matter, grandparents’ rights, property division, spousal support, a premarital agreement, or any other type of family law, 我们努力追求能力,因为“能力很重要”.“我们的团队以专门的辩护和复杂的处理方式回应所有问题.

High Net Worth

当涉及到巨额资产时,皇冠足彩问题可能会更加复杂. The Woodruff Family Law Group staff includes a team of highly qualified North Carolina attorneys, accountants, North Carolina Certified Paralegals, and legal assistants to ensure that your unique situation receives the most competent and creative guidance available. For high net worth and high-income clients, 重要的问题包括以下三个主要类别, Spousal Support, and Child Custody. Our competent Greensboro divorce attorneys carefully consider how high-value assets should be divided. 我们在会计和资产估价方面有丰富的经验, 包括少数人持股企业的分割. Learn more.

Divorce and Premarital Agreements

Divorce is a major life event. At Woodruff Family Law Group, we handle absolute divorce, name change, divorce from bed and board, domestic violence issues, separation agreements, temporary relief, and second opinions. 我们提供婚前协议和婚后协议方面的专业知识. Let one of our experienced family law specialists guide you in planning and moving through the process. Learn more.

Custody and Child Support

Our Greensboro attorneys are certified specialists in family law and can help you navigate child custody and child support issues. 在北卡罗来纳州,法院通常会授予祖父母监护权或探视权. 孩子的监护权可能会有争议. Attorney Carolyn Woodruff and the team of experts at Woodruff Family Law Group work to protect the children's best interests as part of our overall mission. If you are a grandparent, our experienced family law attorneys can help you navigate your rights to custody or visitation. Learn more.

Property Division

皇冠足彩案件中的财产分割被称为公平分配. Equitable distribution is one of the most critical issues that family law and divorce attorneys handle in Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem, Asheboro, Reidsville, Burlington, Danbury, Yanceyville, and other areas across the state. North Carolina presumes in equitable distribution in a divorce case that all marital property is divided equally between both parties. Our experienced attorneys can help you negotiate effectively during the distribution of property, including pensions and retirement accounts. Learn more.

Spousal Support

配偶赡养费指的是赡养费和皇冠足彩后的赡养费. Alimony is rehabilitative form of spousal support, while post-separation support is temporary. 两者的主要区别在于时间框架. In North Carolina, alimony is a type of spousal support that provides for the maintenance of a dependent spouse by the supporting spouse. 我们皇冠足彩网的律师有处理配偶赡养费的经验. It is crucial to seek advice from a family lawyer before filing for divorce if you seek spousal support! Our experienced attorneys can help guide you. Learn more.

Family Law Appeals

One or both parties may be unhappy with the outcome of a case once it has been decided by a trial judge and may want to consider an appeal. 在皇冠足彩app,我们有处理上诉工作经验丰富的律师. Our experienced lawyers in the Piedmont Triad know and understand the technical requirements that need to be followed in appellate work. 我们处理北卡罗莱纳州各地的上诉案件. Learn more.

Alienation and Other Civil Actions

皇冠足彩期间出现的问题可能影响深远, 包括对感情疏远和犯罪谈话的潜在指控. Civil claims can be pursued against a third party for destroying your loving relationship with your spouse. Our experienced family law specialists can help you evaluate whether you have such a claim. 如果你因感情疏远被起诉,我们也会为你的索赔辩护. With increasing technology and social media, issues such as electronic media, fraud and hidden assets, 侵犯隐私也变得更加严重. Our divorce lawyers in Greensboro are ready to stand by your side in navigating the collateral consequences of a divorce. Learn more.


Guidance from our experienced family law and divorce attorneys can help you deal with such issues as business tax, business valuation, fraud and hidden assets, and domestic partner issues and agreements. Whether you own your business or are a co-owner, we have the knowledge and skills to assist you in helping your business survive the divorce process. At Woodruff Family Law Group, our expert team can work with your corporate lawyers and CPAs to develop a plan to help your business survive the divorce process. Learn more.


The experienced attorneys at Woodruff Family Law Group handle all types of dispute resolutions, proceedings, and agreements. 调解是北卡罗莱纳州大多数皇冠足彩和监护权案件的第一步. 如果你的目标在调解期间没有得到满足, 下一步是准备家庭法审判, which is a court proceeding. Collaborative law and arbitration involve negotiation where both parties have agreed to a collaborative process that ends with either an agreement, an arbitration, or a trial. Learn more.

International Family Law

我们在家庭法实践中提供全球视角. Our attorneys in the Piedmont Triad serving High Point and Winston-Salem have experience working with family law cases in many cultures from across the globe. Our divorce attorneys in Greensboro understand cultural issues that may occur with your family law case and help guide you through the process. We have worked with clients with a North Carolina nexus from almost every continent and have the expertise to handle your matter effectively. Learn more.


Client Reviews
卡罗琳·伍德拉夫顽强、博学、周密. She and her team helped me check my emotions at the door and handle this as a business transaction. 我经常会有问题或需要向我解释文件, 史蒂夫和本都很好地解释了事情. 这家公司很热情,支持人员也很友好、专业、乐于助人. D.M.
Carolyn Woodruff has an encyclopedic knowledge of family law in NC - coupled with her experience, 她能够避开家庭诉讼这一充满压力的雷区. 她的整个团队都散发着她在实践中培养的专业精神和能力. 如果你需要家庭法律代理,强烈推荐卡洛琳! C.K.
Woodruff Family Law Group helped me and my family through one of the most difficult times of my adult life. 整个公司都很友善、专业、有礼貌. 所有的电话和信件都得到了及时的回应, and they were excellent stewards of my budget. 如果需要,我会毫不犹豫地再次联系他们. M.U.
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